Teeth Repair: When Dentures Break

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Almost everyone who has dentures has or will experience a break and require help to fix dentures at some point in time. Some fixes may qualify as an emergency needing specialist assistance; others may be simple enough that you can make a temporary fix on your own. Regardless of what kind of break you experience there are some things to keep in mind and actions you can take to ensure the best teeth repair possible.

Durable Yet Delicate
Although made from extremely durable acrylic and reinforced with wire, dentures must also be delicate in order to fit comfortably in the mouth. That delicacy comes with a price; it also means they are very fragile and are easily damaged. The most common damage involves teeth repair. Broken and chipped teeth or teeth that have fallen out completely are common. Fortunately, those types of fixes are not usually considered emergency and you can make do until you’re able to see your denturist or have a lab repair them.

More significant repairs involve dentures that have broken in half or have developed fractures, wear out from age or simply don’t fit correctly anymore. Still other repairs come thanks to family dogs, who seem to relish chewing on dental appliances.

In all cases, a denture-wearer should have a spare set, or a duplicate denture, on hand. Having a spare set will eliminate any extreme emergency situations you might experience if you only have one set.

Most denturists and dentists will recommend routine maintenance on dentures, which will help prolong their life and can identify any damage that might be occurring before it becomes too problematic. Since dentures are such a significant investment, it makes sense to keep all of your maintenance appointments, even if you don’t think there is anything wrong with your set.

False Teeth Repair Tips
Probably the most important thing you can do if your dentures do break or a tooth falls out, is to keep all of the pieces together. A lab that has all of the original pieces has a much better chance of repairing the denture than not. If your dentures do break, it is a good idea to fix them as soon as possible so you don’t lose the pieces over time.

If you only need to fix a tooth, you may be able to do that with a drugstore denture repair kit, but this is not recommended as a long-term solution as the materials used in the kits can damage the denture beyond repair. Superglue should never be used on dentures.

The type of break has a direct impact on the length of time the repair will take. As such, it is good to know that consumers can go directly to a denture repair lab for fixes as opposed to going through their dental clinic or denturist. Chances are, the dentist will send the repair out to a dental repair lab anyway. By approaching them directly, you can save yourself time and money over going through your dentist.

Denture-wearers should understand that denture repairs and replacement will become necessary at some point. Therefore, when damage does occur, remember not to panic and keep as many pieces of the denture together as you can. Then seek out professional repairs. Today’s denture technology makes fixing them easier and faster than ever and before you know it your teeth will be back and your smile will be as good as new.

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