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Flexible Partial Repair


Flexible partials claim to be unbreakable. But you have proved them wrong. Accidents happen even with flexible partials. The most common problem with flexible partials is broken or popped out teeth. Some flexible partials tend to crack and some break in half. Do not worry, we are here to help. Call us now to discuss your flexible partial repair.

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Flexible partials offer a metal-free alternative to partial denture wearers. Most manufacturers of flexible materials state that partials made from either Valplast, Flexite or TCS are unbreakable. Well, we both know that it is not completely true. The most common flexible partial repair is loose flexible partial denture teeth. Most false partial denture teeth are made either from acrylic or porcelain and do not bond well with flexible partial material used for Valplast partial dentures.

Did you lose a denture tooth off your flexible partial denture? Don’t stress. Whether you are missing a Valplast tooth or have broken teeth or chipped tooth on your flexible partial denture, we are here to help. We’ll restore Valpast denture teeth on your flexible partial same day and you’ll be back to normal in no time.

Even thou flexible partial dentures can bend and flex and resist fracture or breakage, they are not indestructible. Due to special nature of the flexible material, flexible partial repair requires extra skill.

At Denture Repair Lab, we have professional, experienced dental technicians who are highly skilled in working with flexible partial dentures. They use special dental techniques and the best quality components to fix flexible partial dentures. All kinds of flexible partial repair services available, such as Valplast partial repair, TCS denture repair, Flexite partial denture repair, and others.

In order to to provide flexible partial repair, dental impressions or plaster molds are required. Please contact our Customer Service for more details.


Flexible Partial Repair Process

Just complete a simple order form, and mail your broken flexible partial along with your information or online order confirmation. You’re welcome to use the free USPS shipping label. Once your partial is received and inspected, we will contact you to confirm your order and obtain billing information. Your flexible partial will be repaired and mailed back same day with complimentary USPS Priority Mail. Tracking number will be provided.


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