Partial Denture Repair

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Partial Denture Repair   $79


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Partial denture repair options:
  • Partial Denture Glue Removal - We will remove any denture self repair material, glue or any type of denture adhesive from your partial denture prior to the repair.
  • Partial Denture Metal Reinforcement - We utilize metal mesh to reinforce partial denture cracks, breaks and fractures and to increase the strength of the broken area of the partial. Metal mesh is inserted in the middle layer of denture and can not be sensed by a denture wearer.
  • Professional Partial Denture Cleaning - We can remove calculus build-up, blemishes, stains and more by applying special tools and materials  to professionally clean and polish partial dentures. 
  • Duplicate Partial Denture -Is a copy of your original partial denture made with new materials. Our quality duplicate partials  fabricated with finest and strongest acrylic in the dental industry. Only metal-free partials can be duplicated.


Questions? 1-888-349-6695