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Duplicate Denture    $299 (each denture)
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With 36 million people wearing dentures in the United States, stories about the strange circumstances in which people brake them are many.
There’s the man who left his teeth on the night stand and  the dog chew on them mistaking it for a bone, or the woman who drove over her purse, which contained her complete set of dentures.
Broken or lost dentures cause lots of misery, days off work, cancelled parties, ruined holidays.
Whatever the circumstances, it’s embarrassing and downright inconvenient to break ones’ plate or even lose it.

Denture Repair Lab has the answer to the problem. We are the first company to offer quality new duplicate denture service. In fact Denture repair lab is the only company to offer duplicate partial service. Our quality duplicate dentures and partials fabricated with finest and strongest acrylic in the dental industry.  Impressions of the original denture are taken same day and you original denture is mailed back to you with complimentary Overnight Mail. Duplicate denture made in as little as two business days and mailed back with complimentary Priority Mail. Most dentures and metal-free or flexible partials are suitable for duplication.


Questions? 1-888-349-6695